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It is a fact that social media has taken a roll in our daily lives.  People spend an unbelievable amount to time interacting with friends and family more now then ever before in our history and with the advent of NEW creative social media platforms like Pariscope, Snapchat, Twoo, SliderShare and many others… (if you have not heard of these, you will) the time spent online is NOT deceasing any time soon.  So this begs the question, “Do you have a social media marketing STRATEGY in place to take advantage of this unstoppable reality?”  If you do not have one in place, your competitors do and you need to think about speaking to someone about effective ways to achieve your marketing goals using this essential tool.

I recently read an article that puts this reality into prospective.  The article states that last year the average adult Web user spent 109 minutes per day using social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with social messaging and chat apps, according to a new survey from GlobalWebIndex, which polled its panel of around 50,000 Web users around the world about their online behaviors.

The article continues with…The 2015 figure marks the continuation of a trend over the last few years, as the amount of time devoted to social media has steadily increased from 96 minutes in 2013 to 100 minutes in 2014 and 103 minutes in 2014, per GlobalWebIndex.



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