Top 10 Tips On How to Rank High On Google SERPS Quickly!

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Top 10 Tips On How to Rank High On Google SERPS Quickly!

Ranking first on Google SERPs is the dream of any website or online business. And everyone wants to achieve this but Google has made sure that no one has access to its Ranking algorithm. This encourages experimentation and prompts them to concentrate on quality rather than making websites for robots.  

However, there are certain ranking parameters that we do know and we can leverage these factors to get high ranks.

There are many misconceptions surrounding them and in this article, we are putting them to rest. Here are 10 top tips that will definitely work to get you better rank in Google SERPs.

1.  Content is still the king

Websites are there to help people, answer their queries or to offer them a service/product. The means by which the website speaks to the audience is through content and Google always prefers good content that perfectly answers a search.

So when you structure webpages, make sure that you use top-notch content that makes absolute sense. Write with the audience in mind, Google will do the rest!

2.  Hyperlinks and backlinks

The content that you post online can have hyperlinks as well as backlinks. Hyperlinks are web links that you embed within your content to another website. Backlinks are the links that other webpages link to your webpages. Essentially, their hyperlinks to your website are your backlinks.

Backlinks are a measure of quality, and Google uses backlinks to gauge how authoritative your website is and ranks you accordingly. If you have unique and great content, other websites will backlink to you for reference.

3.  Keywords give you a well-needed boost!

Keywords the search terms that users type into the search bar. They are very helpful in getting Google’s attention, signaling the bots that your content addresses a particular search query.

There are many tools online that will help you get the right set of keyword for the content that you are writing. However, do not overdo keywords as keyword stuffing is a real thing and can get you in a lot of trouble with google if you do so.

4.  Keep in mind the metrics used in User tests

Google doesn’t just monitor websites, it also tracks user activity on your website. So when a user clicks on your website, Google will measure the time spent by the user on your website. If it finds that that the users have been spending more time on your website and have been using the hyperlinks in the content, then it is a sign that the users have found your webpage interesting, leading to increase in rank.

Again the key to keeping the users on board without causing them to leave is to have interesting content that will keep them hooked to your website.

After you prepare a webpage, see whether it is interesting, and structured in a way that easy to navigate.



5.  Use more than just one type of content

Text is a great way to transfer information, but nowadays, there are more content types at your disposal. Add videos or pictures into the mix so that the content becomes richer. And when you add these content, you need to make sure that you are adding them for the user to benefit, and for not the sake of it.

Illustrative videos or pictures are a great way to have more than one type of content, and they also help in retaining the users for more time on your website.

Another advantage of including different content is that your webpage will look more lively.

6.  Make your website mobile friendly

According to the latest stats on mobile phone internet penetration, more than 60% of overall internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This is to be expected as more people use a smartphone than desktops for media consumption.

Google also understands this preference of mobile device and gives special attention to the website who make it a practice to mobile optimize their webpages.

Hence, from now onwards, you need to make sure that your website is mobile optimized in order to get prioritized by Google.  You can do a Mobile Friendly Test courtesy of Google Developer tools.

7.   Do not duplicate content

Plagiarism is an act that is deeply frowned upon by Google. If you have copied content on your website from somewhere else without proper referencing, then there is a great chance that Google will never rank your website.

We know that it is super easy to just copy and paste lines from various websites and patching them together for a new article outlook rather than creating something from scratch. But Google uses advanced plagiarism checker that goes word by word when it comes to checking the content. So copying content is a big no-no!

8.  Keep your website secure with an SSL certificate

Recently, Google has been pushing hard on ensuring a safe web browsing experience on Google. And one of the ways in which you can ensure website security is by having an SSL certificate. the SSL certificate secures the connection between the web server and the browser.

So if the user were to share any private information of theirs to your site, it will be protected with cryptographic encryption. SSL certificate is essential if your website asks the user for their information, particularly for online shopping.

Google gives more priority for websites with SSL certificates, and it is important you must include them in your websites.

9.  Content Age

Thousands of webpages are created every single second and many of them will definitely target your niche. Newer posts can have more relevant information, so google slowly pushes out old webpages from the rank list for newer, relevant webpages, unless the already existing webpage is solid enough that it gets the most traffic.

This is why you need to update or tweak existing webpages at least once a year. If you feel like some of the webpages in your website has outdated content, update it to include more relevant information. They will help your webpages to rank better and stay there for longer!

10.  Consistency is key

The chances of creating a webpage and it instantly going to the first spot on SERP is near zero. When you start out a website, Google watches your performance, and how you can get good grace from google?

Be consistent! Build up your website with content and keep on adding content consistently. Do not stop contributing to the webpage just because you don’t see instant result. Ranking a website takes time, and when it does, it surely pays off!


It might seem like an impossible feat at first, you can definitely get your website to high SERP ranks if you keep our tips in mind. If you need professional help with your website, improving its chances of ranking on Google significantly, we are here to help you out!

Contact Pael Digital Services and get the best ranks on any search engine!

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