In today’s digital world it has never been more vital to promote your business on social media while engaging with the people you want to serve. We professionally manage your social media accounts using our unique methods of finding the right customers.  Through our Pael Advanced Targeting and Retargeting strategies, we will make your paid advertising dollars go a long way and increase your ROI while growing your business.

We Specialize in Animated Posts and Ads.

Measurable, Accountable, Transparency, and Performance Social Media Marketing.

Our goal is to have you understand exactly what our social media marketing strategy is and what our plan will be in making sure we reach the people you want to do business with.  To help you understand what we are doing, we meet with you on a regular basis to discuss our progress with data directly from the social media platforms we use for your solutions.  No smoke and mirrors, just facts! 

We Build Online CommunitIES and Bring Awareness To Your Brand through are advanced social media marketing strategies.


We use LinkedIn to promote your business to business strategy.  We create engaging content for your target market.


We use FaceBook in multiple business strategies to leverage engagement to turn those people into customers and make them loyal.


Instagram is fast becoming an integral part of marketing.  We use this powerful tool to target consumers using images and video…


We use Twitter to share information or opinions, asking/answering questions, providing links to your content in 140 characters or less.

Google My Business

Google My Business is essential to get found online as well as for SEO, plus building brand awareness by instantly sharing content.


Video is the most versatile form of communication! We use Vimeo and YouTube with unrivaled quality and strategy in El Paso.


We are experienced professionals that pride ourselves in being at the highest level of social media platform knowledge.  Social media management may seem like it’s a simple task, but it’s not.  We build sophisticated strategies that work in getting your customers to find your brand and use 3rd party software to provide transparency in all the work we do. We are accountable to you and your success!

We Turn Likes Into Customers

We will create unique compelling campaigns crafted for your business using the most effective social media technologies to meet your objectives.  We have our award winning designers create impacting graphics to capture your target market and invite them to visit your website, participate in contests, give you their email address, and take action.

Social Media Strategy for Client Engagement

To build an online presence, it is crucial that you engage with your followers. We provide our clients with 24/7 account supervision, giving us the ability to engage with your clients to the fullest extent. How? We write compelling content, ask and answering questions, comment, sharing others worthy posts, and maintaining reputation management for any complaints. Social Media Management is NOTHING without the ability to engage!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a personal Facebook and Business Facebook page?

A personal Facebook account is called a “Facebook Profile” and a business Facebook account is called a “Facebook Page.” Plain and simple, a profile is a personal page in which the account holder adds and accepts friend requests. On a Profile page, it is for a business entity and it allows followers to “Like” your page, not add you as a friend. This limits the ability to post on personal profile, but it allows you to schedule your posts for the future on a profile page. So which is best for you business? That is an easy question, using a Facebook Profile for business is a violation of Facebook Terms of Service. You must create a profile page to be able to create a Facebook Page.

How does running a “Facebook Ad” help my business page grow?
Facebook Ads are great to gain exposure of your page or a promotion your running. During setup for the ad, your able to first choose the dates it will run and a budget for each day (min $5 a day). You are also able to target your ad to the demographics of your market.
Can I change the name of my existing page again?
You are able to change your name one time while it’s under 200 likes. Once you’ve used up your one time, you are out of luck, so make sure to make the correct spelling!
Can my followers see who is posting out of my admin?
No, only listed admin are able to see which other admin is currently active on your page.
How many times a day should my business be posting?
We recommend no less than once a day. This includes sharing posts, it’s important to stay active or your posts will no longer show up on your followers news feed.

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