Greater El Paso Football Showcase


We are so proud to be sponsors of the Greater El Paso Football Showcase (GEPFS) by providing free digital assets and consulting.

This organization does so much in making a difference in the lives of our young people by promoting education, guidance, and providing scholarships to our amazing athletes. GEPFS has made a difference in El Paso for the last 25 years by placing El Paso on the map in the college athletics realm to allow more opportunities for high school seniors. This in turn brings national awareness to El Paso as an important talent pool. 
Our mission in joining this wonderful organization is to provide a new branding strategy and offer solutions to achieve long term success that will help GEPFS grow to be a major part of El Paso athletics.


We began the project with designing a logo that represents the organization will stand the test of time.

gepfs email header

Game Ticket Design

25th Anniversary Game Patch Design