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Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid – YOUR DIGITAL HEALTH SCORE

We came up with the Digital Health Score to allow businesses to get a real, or raw look at their business from a digital marketing perspective.  The purpose is to find out if what they are doing online is working or not in growing their business.  Our goal is to give you the truth about what you are doing that works and where your challenges are.


We recently provided a health score grade of F to a business.  What is a Digital Health Score?  A Digital Health Score is when we analyze all our client’s digital assets like social media, website, reviews, and search engine performance.  We then rate our client on every key maker and provide a letter grade based on our simple success criteria.  Going back to our story, the client was NOT happy to say the least in receiving a “Bad” grade.


Sometimes incredible success in business is just as bad as not having any business if growth is not managed wisely and proactively.  In this scenario our clients business was incredible and because of this parts of their business were left unattended and in this case, they left their digital assets to fend for for themselves!  The amount of business they were getting didn’t allow them a chance to look back at the wake their business was leaving as we were told in out initial consultation.  I think that happens to all of us in business and in life.  When things are going well why look back to see if we are doing something right.

Not too long ago sales began to falter and they were forced to stopped and take a look at what was affecting their business, so this is why they came to us.


We found out that customers were not visiting their website as they once did.  People that reviewed their company were not happy with the service they provided.  The business posted on social media platforms randomly when they had free time and had little interaction with their community.  We also discovered that when searched on the most poplar search engines, their site did not show up event after making monthly payments to a company that specialized in that service.


We came up with a program, strategy, and rebuilt their website and their business has taken a course correction and is headed in the right path now.  The reason I am righting about this is not to toot our own horn, but to point out the lesson we learned in hopes of helping you in your daily business grind.  Even though your business is doing well, its good practice to pause, look back and analyze. Its worth the time taken because you are missing out on additional business.  Second lesson is, you can’t do everything yourself when running a business and do it to its full potential.  You need a solid team to help you get where you are headed faster.

I hope this helps you.  Have a profitable day!

Case Study: Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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