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One of the most popular internet marketing sources has been email marketing. With the advent of various social media marketing platforms these days, marketing via email still has not lost its charm and continues to be used by various companies above and apart from social media platforms being used as marketing tools. Email marketing has remained the true tried and tested online mechanism producing an amazing return on investment, a claim that almost 75% of the companies utilizing it, testify. Amazingly, behind all the talk of email marketing being a dying trend, it has been the only online marketing platform consistently offering more return than other means of marketing. Email marketing and ROI have always had a directly proportional relationship. So what makes email marketing such a success as compared to other platforms?
Low Cost:
The chief reason why email marketing is such a success is because of its low cost as compared to marketing platforms. The only thing that you need is a specialized software to send automated emails and you are done. Now compare that to the cost of an advertisement on a radio channel or the television!
Target Marketing:
Another reason why email marketing offers amazing return on investment is target marketing! So what that means is you can target specific groups of people with respect to demographics, location etc and market your business only to those specific people rather than spending a lot of money on advertising and not getting any or getting minimal returns.
Higher Conversion Rate:
Since email marketing allows you to target only specific people, it allows for a greater number of potential customers, thus resulting in a higher conversion rate as compared to other marketing platforms. This is because most people specifically sign up to receive your emails, thus a better chance to convert customers.
With email marketing, you can target potential customers on a global scale. There aren’t any borders here. So it doesn’t matter where your subscribers live, you can instantly send them emails and you can even track our sales.  Recent studies have shown that most companies using email l marketing were getting a whopping 139% return! That’s a phenomenal number when you compare it with the investment. So as prophesied by most analysts that email marketing would become a dying trend in the near future, we can see that
this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

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