What is Google My Business?

google my business explained

If you are in business, then you already know that the key to success is exposure! There is no point in setting up an online business website if your customers can’t find you. And Google my business is a boon to any business wants to let customers know that they exist, and with some careful planning, you can increase your exposure to new clients multifold. 

But how does Google my business work and what can YOU do increase your online exposure to new users. Well, we have the perfect guide for you! 

What is Google My Business 

Ok, wait, Google My Business is an actual thing? Oh yes, and if you haven’t heard of it before, you are missing out quite a lot! 

Google My Business is a free, yes, completely free tool from google that businesses can use to list themselves on Google’s search platforms like Google search, Local search, mobile search, and Google Maps. 

But why would Google give something away like that for free? Well, Google’s business depends upon people finding useful information. Business and listings are some of the most common search queries that people make on Google. So it makes sense that as more businesses register on google, more options open up for customers and they will depend on Google for finding the fix for their next search queries. 


The importance of Google my business

We all have search about restraints and other shops before going there in person. The reason why we do this is because it gives as us a general idea about that business. Google makes sure that we, the users can see their address, phone numbers and the opening hours. Couple that with user reviews and the we will get a general idea about the business. 

And this is very important and a great selling point. When you register your business on Google My Business, users will be able to find your business if it correlates with their search query, and what does it cost you? Not a single penny. It’s basically advertising for free. 

For example, if your business where to specialize in furniture, when a user nearby your area searches for best future shops, Google will show the results for shops in the main page.

The best thing is that you don’t even have to have a website for google to show your business listing. If the google finds you relevant, it will show your business to the users. About 236 million people use google every day in the US. And did you know that 46% of those searches are local? 

Now think about getting even a small fraction of this number to visit your store.

So register in Google my business and it’s done?! 

 You might have noticed that we used the word “relevant” in the above section. Now this is the hard part. Google is all about helping users find what they want. However, for Google to do so, it first needs to understand the business itself. Then it matches search queries with businesses. The more relevant your business is to a search query, more the chances of google picking your business out of the bunch for the user. 

When you create a Google Business listing, you need to be clear and concise about your business and what it does. Make sure that you add all the info that a customer might find useful. 

Things that you should not miss when creating a Google my business page are:

  • Your business name: You can add it in as it is 
  • Address: Make sure that you provide a valid address where people can visit your business.  Even if you do not have a physical location, you might want to rent a mailbox in your local post office or UPS store to allow you to have a business address.
  • Hours: Set the right opening and closing hours
  • Phone number: Add in phone numbers that people can use to connect to your business
  • Website: if you have a website, you can link it here
  • Category: Select the right category if your business

On top of this, you need to add images of your business to the page in the media section. Do not leave it unattended because there is a correlation found between the amount of business images with organic clicks.
Having a really good Google My Business page also helps to increase the ranking of your website. Remember, when you are setting up the page, the goal should be about adding information that the user will find helpful. Adding keywords into the mix is always a good practice. 

Bottom line…

When gives your business a free way to get found online, why think twice? Set up you Google My Business page today and connect with customers online. If you are having trouble with online visibility, then we are here to help you get found online! At Pael Marketing, we work with clients to help their business flourish online using proven white hat SEO techniques. Call us or book an appointment today, we will get back to you promptly! 

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